How to create table as a figure in Latex

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I was writing my bachelor thesis and stumbled on problem of how to create table in latex, bud make it perceived as a Figure instead of Table by latex.

I managed to find following solution

The point is simply to wrap table between the {figure} and put there the caption you wish.

Another useful features in the example are

  • \begin{center} <someContent> \end{center} to center the content
  • resizebox{ .2\textwidth}{!} – using the float number you can adjust table cell size and scale the whole table like this. The second bracket with exclamation mark {!} means that height of table should be the same as width. However you can also decide to specify it as you wish.
  • \begin{figure}[H] – The H letter tells latex how to position the figure in the text. These options and some more are well described at this stackoverflow question

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